About Mojca Majcen

Mojca Majcen is a dancer and ballerina who devoted herself to the art of dance as a child. Already at young age she appeared in several children’s dance shows and danced for the kid’s entertainment program on national television RTV Slovenia. Even as a child she already received several awards at the OPUS – Slovenian choreographic competition for children and youth.

She acquired basic dance education and gained knowledge of different dance techniques taught by Slovenian and international educators in the Dance Studio IGEN under the direction of choreographer Igor Jelen. She continued her ballet education with Ana Pezdir Vovk and Henrik Neubaer. In 1998 she graduated with honours at the High school of Music and Ballet in Maribor under the mentorship of Iko Otrin.After graduation she danced several variations from classical ballets (Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Giselle, Seasons, Shop dolls, etc.) for Slovenian National Theatre Maribor. She continued her education home and abroad (Budapest, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Berlin and renowned group Nederland Dance Theatre) and started working with internationally renowned teachers, ballet masters and choreographers. In 2000 the Dance Theatre IGEN focused on modern dance techniques and their integration with theatre. They produced several full-length dance performances with Mojca in main role that guested many dance festivals abroad and received many international awards. With the solo role in the Lady of the Camellias, Mojca was the only representative of the Slovenian dance art scene that performed at the Venice Dance Biennale and entered the finals on the prestigious dance competition Sergei Diaghilev Award with recognized Vladimir Malakhov as the president of the jury.

In 2011 Mojca received a bronze coat of arms of Municipality of Celje for her cultural achievements in the field of dance. In 2012 she was voted as the best dancer in Slovenia on the dance portal Parade dance. Since 2011 she has a status of independent cultural artist of Republic of Slovenia.

As a guest dancer and ballerina she works with domestic and international choreographers, dance companies from Slovenia (Dance Gallery, Dance Theatre Velenje …) and abroad (ArtBark USA ..). She has assisted in several modern and ballet performances in choreography by Igor Kirov for Macedonian ballet (The Red Room), Croatian National Ballet Split (5 till midnight, On the Road, On the Edge, The Death and the dervish). As an assitent she works with choreographer Aleksandar Ilić (opera Faust for Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad, immersive theatre Inhismind)

She is one of the founders of the Balkan Dance Project platform and she dances in all the productions of Balkan Dance Project




4 Seasons (choreography: Henrik Neubauer) Shop of Dolls (choreography: Henrik Neubauer)

Swan Lake (pas de quatre) Giselle (corp de ballet)

Don Quixote Nutcracker


Three.Sisters (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

Memoriandum for Evita Peron (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

XYZ (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen

Aquasphera (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

House 22 (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

Lady of the camellias (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

Callas (Dance Theatre Igen, choreography: Igor Jelen)

What is missing? (DBUS, choreography: Tamara Divjak)


Reflections (Dance Gallery Maribor, choreography: Mojca Ussar)

A Bao Qu (Sonnenblauma Danscz Theatre USA, choreography: Misa Mandigo Kelly)

Moki’s Wedding (Sonnenblauma Danscz Theatre USA, choreography: Misa Mandigo Kelly)

Falling and Flying (Sonnenblauma Danscz Theatre USA, choreography: Stephen Kelly)


He He Helium (Houseof Culture Celje, Festival Velenje, Kirov Dance Company, Happy Family Theatre, choreography: Igor Kirov)

Alma (Art Bark International USA, choreography: Misa Mandigo Kelly)

Titanic.si (Art Bark International, Dance Entropy USA, choreography: Valerie Green)

La Appelle du Forest or Mother’s kiss (Cankarjev Hall Ljubljana, Zavod Federacija, choreography: Etcha Dvornik)


Two of us (Galerija Plesa Maribor, koreografija: Mojca Ussar)

Steamship X (ArtBark International, koreografija: Misa Mandigo Kelly)

Nadar (ArtBark International, koreografija: Misa Mandigo Kelly)


No Exit (Galerija Plesa Maribor, choreography: Mojca Ussar)

Alma. Alone (ArtBark International, Cankarjev Dom, House of Culture Celje, authors: Misa Mandigo Kelly, Stephen Kelly, Marijan Pusavec)

5 till Midnight (assistant of the choreographer Igor Kirov, HNK Split)

Balkan Dance Project Vol. 1(Festival Velenje choreography, Festival Velenje, House of Culture Celje, Directorate for arts and culture Skopje, Professional Association of ballet dancers, choreographers Serbia, choreographer: Aleksandar Sasa Ilic, Igor Kirov)


Between Us (Dance Gallery Maribor, choreography: Mojca Ussar)

Red Room- assistant of the choreographer (Macedonian Opera and Ballet, choreographer: Igor Kirov)

On the Road-assistant of the choreographer (HNK Ballet Split, choreographer: Igor Kirov)

Balkan Dance Project Vol. 2 (Festival Velenje, Madlenianum Opera&Theatre Beograd, Institute for contemporary dance Beograd), The Cube Untold (choreography: Igor Kirov), After Sonnets (choreography: Aleksandar Saša Ilić& Natalie Iwaniec)


On the Edge- assistant of the choreographer (HNK Split, choreographer: Igor Kirov)

Dervish and the Death- assistant of the choreographer (HNK Split, choreographer: Igor Kirov)

Balkan Dance Project Vol. 3  (Festival Velenje, Tanzelarija BIH, Institut za umetničku igru Beograd, PUBS); Blasphemy in St. Florian’s valley (choreography: Aleksandar Ilić, directed by:  Aleksandar Nikolić),

Signs by the roadside (choreography: Ivana Hadžihasanović), Što te nema (choreographer: Igor Kirov)

The Godmothers (Festival Velenje, choreography: Polona Boruta, Lucija Boruta, Mateja Rožič, directed by:  Boštjan Oder)


Atlantida; an opera- choreography assistance (Croatian national theatre Split, directed by: Goran Golovko, compositor: Mirko Krstičević, choreography: Igor Kirov)

1924- choreography: Aleksandar Ilić

Bernstein dances- choreography assistance (Croatian national theatre Rijeka and Croatian national theatre Split, choreography: Igor Kirov)

Twinkle Sleepyhead (Balkan Dance Project, choreography: Aleksandar Ilić, directed by: Aleksandar Nikolić)


Magic Mountain (UK Vuk Karadžić, Festival Velenje, Institute for contemporary dance Belgrade and PUBS; choreography: Aleksandar Ilić, directed by- : Aleksandar Nikolić)

Soldier’s tale ( House of Culture Celje, directed by: Lea Kukovičič)

Balet o mladosti- choreography assistance (HNK Split, directed by: Goran Golovko, choreography: Igor Kirov)

Crave (Atom Dance Theatre, Balkan Dance Project, European Capital 2019- Plovdiv, choreography: Stefaniya Georgieva)

The Rite of Spring- choreography assistance (HNK Split, choreography: Igor Kirov)

Faust (choreography assistance to Aleksandar Ilić, Serbian National Theatre Novi Sad)

Night&Day (choreography: Trina Mannino and Stephen Kelly, Green Space Studios NYC)


InHisMind- immersive theatre Belgrade (assistant to choreographer: Aleksandar Ilić, directed by: Jordan Parkers, Green Production)

MedProstor- short dance miniature ( choreography: Luka Ostrež, Mojca Majcen, production: Festival Velenje)

Vsi Marš na Ples- modern dance performance on a music of famous Ex YU rock group Bijelo Dugme (Skenderija Sarajevo, production: Balkan Dance Project, Živimo Balet BIH, Festival Velenje, choreography: Igor Kirov, libretto: Goran Golovko)

A New Year’s trip around the world (UK Vuk Karadžić Belgrade,Iinstitute for dance Belgrade, Youth Ballet Serbia, choreography: Ivan Kozlov) 




2008: Beautiful Vida (Gallery of contemporary arts Celje, Dance Theatre Igen)

2008: Rodin (Likovni Salon, Dance Theatre Igen) 2008: Exhibition of Zoran Lešić (Lapidarium Bale Vale, Happy Family Theatre)

2010: Fast Cheap Good (Gallery Racka, authors: Ivona Novak, Nik Jarh in Mojca Majcen)

2012: Red Room (Happy Family Theatre)

2014: Dialogues (authors: Anka Rener Kremzar and Mojca Majcen)

2015: Dialogues (Horizontalno/Vertikalno)

2017: Theatre in Gallery (Gallery of contemporary arts Celje)

2018: Moving paintings ( Erotic gallery Račka)

2019: Veronika, Barbara, Alma

2020: Today is never tomorrow (Likovni Salon Celje)



2012: A Moment of the heat (Arkadena Studio, RTV Slovenia, director: Svetlana Dramlić)

2014: Wild is the Wind (Happy Family Theatre, režija: Zoran Lešić

2020: Nutshell (Mannakin Dance Theatre,choreography: Aleksandar Ilić, directed by: Nathan Cottam)




1998: Dance festival Skopje, Macedonia

1999: International show exchange- BIS Udine, Italy

1999: International Children festival, Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey

1999: International Dance festival, Rabat, Casablanca, Morocco

2000: Womad Sori World of Music, Arts & Dance, Seoul, South Korea

2000: Invitation by Yugoslavian Culture Centre, Yugoslavian culture days, Paris, France

2001: Sarajevo Winter Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2006: Dance and theatre festival, Kairo, Egypt

2006: Dance Project Trieste, Trieste, Italy

2007: International dance festival, New York, USA

2007: Aberdeen International youth festival, Aberdeen, Scotland

2007: Dance Project Italy, Trieste, Italy

2008: Promoter of Slovenian culture during EU Presidency in Malta and Cyprus

2008: Promoter of Slovenian culture during EU Presidency, Haag, Netherlands

2008: FIAT- Festival of international alternative theatre, Podgorica, Montenegro

2008: Last minute jazz festival, Bale vale exhibition, Croatia

2009: Semana de la Moda y Turismo Venezuela

2009: Balkan Blues festival, Haag

2009: Promoter of Slovenian culture and ballet in Netherlands (embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina) 2010: Teaterfest Sarajevo, festival of alternative theatre in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2010: Bienalle di danza Venezia 2010: International platform for contemporary choreography Almada, Portugal

2010: International women film festival, Rabat, Marocco

2010: Last minute jazz festival 2010, Bale, Croatia

2010: International dance and theatre festival Iquique, Chile

2011: Santa Barbara SB-ADaPT Festival

2012: ADAPT Festival Vienna and Paris

2013: ADAPT FESTIVAL- Brroklyn, NYC


2013: Macedonian Essential nights Festival, Skopje, Macedonia

2014: Sarajevo Winter Festival 2014: Dance Gallery Festival, Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theatre, NYC, ZDA

2014: No ballet competition, Ludwigschafen, Nemčija

2016: Sarajevo Winter Festival

2016: Festival of choreographic miniatures Belgrade

2017: Sarajevo Winter Festival, BIH

2017: Dance Festival Šibenik, Croatia

2018: Dance Festival Šibenik

2018: Festival of alternative theatre Podgorica

2019: Purgatorije Festival Tivat

2019:Šibenik Dance Festival



1991: 1st prize in national competition for ballet dancers

1993: 2nd prize in national competition for young ballet dancers

1998: national competition for ballet dancers: special award by audience

2000: 1st prize and golden medal in Festival of Choreographic Miniatures, Belgrade, Serbia

2001: 2nd prize and special award in Tokyo’s Dance Platform, Tokyo, Japan

2002: 3rd prize in International contemporary dance and dance theatre festival and Jarmila Jeřábková award, Prague

2009: Finalist of the International competition of Choreographic arts, Lodz, Poland (jury: Vladimir Malakhov, Oliver Patey and Larisa Barykina)

2010: Finalist of the International ballet and modern choreography competition, Vitbesk, Belarus 2011: Bronze Coat of Arms, award for artistic achievements by City Celje

2011: Finalist of the International Ballet and Choreography competition Beijing

2011 (selected by John Neumaier- director of Hamburg Ballet)

2012: Best Female dancer of Slovenia for the year

2011, public voting

2016: 1st award on Slovenian national choreographic competition (Between us, choreography: Mojca Ussar)



I danced in countries around the world: Austria, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro Polland, Germany,
USA (New York, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara), Spain, Croatia, Venezuela, Turkey, Japan, South Korea,
Scotland, Morocco, Egypt, Canada, Malta, Cyprus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Chile, Belarus,
Netherlands, China, France, Macedonia