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Mojca received great critics for the role of Madame Chauchat in the dance performance Magic Mountain inspired by Thomas Mann’s novel in choreography by Aleksandar Ilić and directed by Aleksandar Nikolić.

From the critics: “The dancers from Slovenia, Mojca Majcen, impressed us with the role of the young lady, Madame Chauchat who is aware of her quick end.”  (David Naum, 03/03/2019)


All five dancers have with a good measure of personal presence danced in all three choreographies, but Mojca Majcen with her presence, and solo parts visibly entered the dance foreground. (Daliborka Podboj – Parada Plesa for the performance Balkan Dance Vol 3, October 2017)

Mojca Majcen is a beautiful dancer and excels during her solo that expresses the torment Karlin experienced while interned in San Francisco. (Jeff Slayton for See Dance News Los Angeles for the performance Alma.Alone, April 2017).

Mojca Majcen forms a wide range of dance styles and Alma’s inner conditions and in her solo in a black costume she performs a unique dance expression, which is completed with poetics of expressive depths and superb dance vocabulary. (Daliborka Podboj -for Parada Plesa from the performance Alma.Sama, June 2015).

In this choreographic quartet Slovenian dancer Mojca Majcen stood out among other 3 dancers, a bit reserved in newly acquired contemporary style, but the choreographer integrated contemporary style with her sharp ballet technique, which was very exciting to see.« (Daliborka Podboj -for Parada Plesa from the performance He He Helium, March 2013

Majcen’s the kind of dancer you can’t stop watching: Her exquisite technique is matched by a spellbinding presence. Whether she’s slapping the floor or firing off an above-the-head jeté, she’s in complete command. It’s only when other dancers join her onstage that you realize she’s hardly more than five feet tall.« (Elizabeth Schwayzer – Santa Barbara Independent News, February 2012)

Without doubt Mojca Majcen is one of the most distinctive dancers from Slovenia, her virtuosity and passion for dancing will help her to dance in the future on many world stages« (Mateja Podjed )

In her performance Mojca Majcen shows stylistic and technical diversity of the movement: the pure and ritualised gestures through explosive passion to invest in gruelling physical conflicting impulses that give a picture of the Marguerite Gautier.« (Oslobodjenje News Sarajevo iz predstave Dama s kamelijami, May 2010, )

Di tutt’altra natura femminile la bionda coda di capelli slovena Mojca Majcen: un po’ mantide un po’ trapezista da circo, tra attrezzature da palestra e cappelli da mago, la bravissima Mojca Majcen si dimena instancabile per l’ossessivo arrangiamento balcanico del Bolero.« (FABIANA CAMPANNELA-DRAMMATURGIA ITALIA, review from the performance The Lady of the Camellias- La Bienalle di Danza Venezija)